Thursday 29 October 2020

What is a Steel Structure (Soleh)?

What is a Steel Structure?
The slope metal buildings designed and built through special designing and engineering procedures are called Steel Structures. These building systems may be used in different industrial, commercial or institutional situations such as factories, warehouses, slaughterhouses, aircraft hangers, sport halls, repairing centers, vehicle parking shelters, shopping malls, etc.
Steel Structure Systems Consist of:
Columns, rafters, purlins (C and Z sections), struts, wall posts, wind bracing components, wind columns, sag rods, fasteners, screws, washers, etc.



Steel Structures types:
The following factors are involved in designing and production of steel structures:
1- Side wall heights (outside)
2- Building width
3- Building length
4- Whether to use overhead cranes, and if used, the magnitude of their loads
5- Snow loads
6- Wind loads
7- Earthquake loads
8- Resistance of the ground in erection site
9- Desired roof cover