Thursday 29 October 2020

Engineering Potential

 Technical and Engineering Management:
Having great technical and engineering teams enables the company to design different types of steel structures, industrial buildings, and provide shop drawings for all projects using the latest designing software such as X-STEEL, AUTOCAD, ANSYS, ETABS, SAFE, etc. 
 Planning Management:
Different sections such as planning, warehouse reportage, and, computer processing work in this management system. The working hours per person, starting and ending times of the projects, etc. will be determined here based on the contracts and then submitted to the further managements. Moreover, shopping amounts and needed materials will be determined using our special warehouse and supplying software (e.g. MSP); then, the development status of the projects, reported based on actual criteria, will be processed to find out the real advancement and deviation of the projects in order to achieve the fastest planning and organization in the projects.
 Production Management:
Production plans and time schedules received from the planning management will be checked here and then production capacities will be specified in order to start the job. The real work and the behavior of the personnel will be watched with great care in order to achieve the best working output and avoid waste of time and energy.
 Quality Control Management:
The quality management system follows ISO 10668, ISO 10001 (The UK URS), ISO 10002, ISO 9001-2008 (Germany TUV) international standards and all welding standards according to    A W S D 1.1 resolution.
The quality control of all the products before, while, and after production activities will be done by this management according to the applicable control codes and the products will be transferred to the further production processes, if they pass all control levels; otherwise, the faulty products will be sent back to the previous sections in order to resolve the problems. In addition, different harmless tests such as RT, PT, UT, and MT will be done on the products to ensure their welding quality.

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